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Do you have a vision or idea for your lyrics, song or album? I can help turn them into fully completed productions(all online as well)! It’s simple, after a consultation over the phone(Zoom meeting, FaceTime, Etc..) for me to understand your vision - you then just send me your idea, scratch recording (any type of recording will do) and I will compose the entire instrumentation. Then you just capture a quality recording of your vocals to the instrumental and send the vocal track(s) back to me of which I will mix, master and produce. (you can also track your vocals here at GoMannGo Productions)  Isn't that awesome! 

GoMannGo Productions offers everything you need to take your song idea and turn it into a real high quality recording. Using professional Mixing, Mastering and Production to turn your musical vision into reality.

We are very flexible and offer a wide range of Audio Production services, which include:

  • Music Recording

  • Editing & Mixing

  • Digital Mastering

  • Podcast Recording

GoMannGo loves the feeling of putting out a  song or record that everyone can connect too, and listen to over and over again. He strives to get the exact sound that is in his head into the recording by any means possible.

If you want someone who will truly care about your music and collaborate with you to make it the best it can be, GOMANNGO PRODUCTIONS will be sure to deliver.

Below you can listen to songs, that have been fully recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at GOMANNGO PRODUCTIONS.

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