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Producer . Filmmaker . Artist . Songwriter . Musician . 

GoMannGo Productions is Tony Hickey – From Video to Music to Graphic Design, creating IS Tony. Along with being a Godly, grateful and dedicated Husband and Father, Tony's passion for creating gets better with time. At a young age Tony's love for art and music took him on a defining journey through lived experiences to sharing the stage and studio with so many other talented musicians, songwriters and producers. In his years of embarking on Fatherhood -  Songwriting, Music and Video Production  became more and more of a niche and a calling. With his many years of experience as an Audio Engineer/Producer and Highly Tech Savvy background, Video Production came very natural to him. As a visual, creative and performing artist, coupled with being a passionate songwriting savant and audio and production expert. Tony's ability to bring to life immersive and compelling story's through visual and audible productions are brilliant, captivating and ingenious. 

Tony Hickey (GoMannGo).

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The Studio .

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